Sacco And Microfinance Management

  1. Objective of the Course
  • To contribute to achieving the national objective of the “prosperity for All”
  • To meet the college objectives of offering relevant and practical training to our stakeholders.
  • To nurture and grow SACCOs and Microfinance’s to run efficiently and sustainably for the benefit of the members and the nation.
  • To meet existing demand for practical professionals not able to address current SACCOS and Microfinance’s constraints


  1. Target group

This course has been designed for:

  • Persons in employment in the Co-operative sector SACCOs and related industry.
  • Micro-Finance practioners
  • NGOs Executive and staff
  • Government regulators and economists
  • Staff of Savings and Lending Institutions, bankers, Insurance Companies etc.
  • International and Donor Personnel
  • All those with an interest in learning more about practical sustainable Microfinance
  • Secondary school leavers to start a career in business and management.


  1. Curriculum
  2. Certificate in SACCO and Micro-finance Management


Duration: One Year


Admission Requirements

  • O level with Five credits at least one in mathematics and English
  • One (1) principal pass at “A” level.

Modules covered

  • Fundamentals of SACCO and Microfinance
  • Savings and credit methodologies for SACCOs and Microfinance Institutions
  • Economics of Microfinance
  • Financial Accounting for SACCOs and MFIs
  • MIS for SACCOs and MFIs
  • Microfinance and SACCOs regulatory and supervisory Framework.