Diploma In Project Planning And Management

1.1 Introduction

The Project Planning and Management Programme is one of the new courses that is to be integrated with other courses. The Business opportunities however present themselves with challenging demands for skilled project managers in order for the service providers to have a competitive edge with all business environments.

1.2 Justification

The study of the above programme will be useful as shown below:-

Many employees and employers in the business field require knowledge of planning at all levels and Management of resources i.e Human resources, financial resources, Equipments and facilities is imperative for organization and or any business success. Some of them only learn the skills while on job. This study therefore imparts professionalism into our learners so that they may improve on what is lacking in the working environment.

Working in the past where in any job one only required to have the interpersonal competence to offer service was not only easy and convenient but today one is required to have both technical and interpersonal competences to be able to click the best sales. The competition in business field requires a diversified mind set whose skills can only be obtained in the package of this programme.

1.3 Aims

The main objective of this programme is to produce competent manpower which is able to improve on the Business Planning and Management.


1.4 Programme Objectives

The specific objectives of this programme are:

  • To equip learners with modern, international, practical and theoretical skills in managing organizational and or businesses.
  • To provide students with comprehensive operational and managerial skills in the various employment fields.
  • To train learners in skills that can lead to being professionals.


1.5 Career Prospects

Graduates will be able to competently work in the following institutions/organization:

  • Private and Public Organizations
  • Work in Non Governmental Organization
  • Graduates can also start up their own business.

1.6 General Regulations

  1. General Institute Regulations

Studies and examinations for a diploma programme shall be governed by the general regulations and statues of the institute governing body.

  1. Admission Requirements

Admission of new entrants is through direct entry form UACE results with at least one Principal Pass and two subsidiaries. English and Geography are a prerequisite, certificate in Project Planning and Management or its equivalent.

  1. Duration of the Pragramme

The programme runs for the total length of two years.

Year One

Semester Two

S/No. Code Course Unit GP
1. DPM 1201 Project Planning 5
2. DPM 1202 Project Management 5
3. DPM 1203 Development Concept & Process 5
4. DPM 1204 Fundamental of Accounting 5
5. DPM 1205 Development Policy 5
6. DPM 1206 Research Methods 5
Year Two

Semester One

1. DPM 2101 Project Quality and Disk Management 5
2. DPM 2102 Project Procurement and Management 5
3. DPM 2103 Project Appraisal and Pre-investment Analysis 5
4. DPM 2104 Monitoring and Evaluation 5
5. DPM 2105 Ms Projects 5
6. DPM 2106 Project Documentation and Internship 5
Semester Two
1. DPM 2201 Entrepreneurship 5
2. DPM 2202 Project Implementation 5
3. DPM 2203 Computer Fundamentals 5
4. DPM 2204 Project Procurement 5