Welcome to Uganda Co-operative College

The Principal & the Governing Council

A Community learning Center in Tororo Uganda

Each for all of us and for each of us

Strategic Objectives

  • Enhance the quality of members in Co-operatives and societies through the provision of proficient cooperative skills and knowledge to enable them have a better livelihood
  • Mobilize economic and human resources to accomplish the provision of cooperative Skills and knowledge for social enhancement
  • Develop and sustain efficient and effective collaboration and networks with relevant authorities and other training institutions

Core Values

The training in cooperative training is guided by the following core values :

• Freedom of thought and expression
• Innovativeness and creativity
• Team spirit and teamwork


Achieve excellence in Co-operatives, Education, Training, Research, Innovation and Extension services.


To promote the delivery, application and dissemination of knowledge on
Co-operatives through quality education, training, research and innovation.

Co-curricular activities

As part of the timetable students participate in games and sports especially;
Athletics, football, netball, volleyball and indoor games.

Health Care

The College has a sickbay with a part-time enrolled nurse who attends to the sick students in the morning and evenings on daily basis.